Nonstop Activity Log has an easy to use design and interface that requires no training. Create a login for your employee let him or her use it proficiently right away. Simple, intuitive and easy.


Nonstop Activity Log works on any size screen with its responsive design adjusting automatically. Use it on your laptop, monitor, big screen TV or most importantly on your phone. No need to download and install another app.


Nonstop Activity Log is lightning fast! Slice and dice your new car inventory in the blink of an eye. Search and find the vehicle(s) with the features you are looking for instantly. It will save you time.

How will Nonstop Activity Log help you?

Monitor all sales activities in your dealership 24/7. Have your sales consultants log every customer, test-drive, write-up and sale while they are perdorming the activity.

Know your inventory. Complete new and used car inventory broken down by years and models. Once you know what you have you can make better decision ordering/requesting/buying new and used cars. Managing your inventory better and keeping more desirable and fast moving cars will give you an edge in your market.

Your sales team will never miss a deal because of lack of inventory knowledge. They can immediately search/browse their inventory right on their phones.

Your sales team will save time. Time kills a deal. When was the last time there was a vehicle without a stock number on your lot and how long it took your salesperson to figure it out and how many people had to get involved? using Inventory Explorer your salesperson can search with a partial VIN and get the stock number right on the lot saving time, frustration and more.

Your team can search your inventory quickly and easily without getting distracted or slowed down by pop-ups and chats. Your own website is designed to keep your customers engaged but it does not offer the functionality your sales team needs. Give them the right tools and see them succeed.

30-day trial. No payment required.

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